Understanding the Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy Program- There is so many couples who are hard to have a baby prefer to choose for not consulting their problem to the doctor. Actually, this is not the right step to do. When you were on this problem, consulting to a doctor is better because doctor will check and understand the exact reason why you are not having a baby yet. Besides that, the doctors will also give you some solutions through a Pregnancy Program. We will explain more about this program to help you understand more.
Pregnancy Program is started by checking both of the Couple
The program is done for both of the couples who want to have a baby soon.

Pregnancy program is done for both of the couples who want to have a baby soon
So, it is not only done by the wife, but also the husband. It will make a good result for a pregnancy program. The first thing that the doctor will do after you are consulting your problem is checking the fertility of the wife and husband as well. This check is done by using the USG to know the condition of the wife’s uterus and its egg cells. For the husband, the doctor will check the sperm’s quality and health by doing the laboratories’ test or testicular USG. Sometimes, a couple should do more than one test on this Pregnancy program. However, there are some kinds of steps that need to be done to get an accurate result. So, to make this program is success, a couple should be patient and do all the appropriate tests. After the doctor knew the cause of your pregnancy problem, he will give you the right solution and it can be though some therapies or by giving certain drugs.
The Advanced Checking
If it was known that the sperm’s quality, egg cells’ quality and uterus are having the normal condition, doctor will give you and your couple some vitamin E and folic acid to increase the fertility so the fertilization can be happened naturally. If it was needed, doctor will give you some advices to consume a drug to increase your fertility. It is done to trigger the ovulation until the egg cells are ready to be fertilized. If after done this treatment and the pregnancy program was not showing the result, usually a doctor will give you an advice to do the “Insemination” step. This is a step to insert the best quality sperm to the uterus by using a special tool. Insemination is done for a couple who is fertile but hard to get a baby. Usually, it is caused by the problem on the uterus wall that prevents the sperm to get into the uterus. The last choice for a pregnancy program is by joining the sperm and egg cells outside the uterus. This is done when there was a problem on a tuba duct.
If you were a married couple who is not having a baby yet or you had a problem to decide you fertility period because a long distance relationship, consulting to a doctor and get the right pregnancy program is maybe the right option.